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(Happy New Year Babe!)






"HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!" the people of your home town shouted to the top of their lungs.

Cheering and lighting up sparkles, waving them in mid air. Then a BOOM made you jump in surprise. It was the fireworks, they started to light them up.

How you wish you could get out and join in the fun but you were too afraid because there were so many gangsters and drunks out in the open and you didn't want to get hurt.

But you really wanted was HIM. You wish that he was here with you, holding you in his strong arms and watching the fireworks together behind the window and enjoying its majestic lights how it burst out sparkles in the night sky.

You sighed leaving the balcony and going to your bedroom sulking.

"Happy 2013!!!!!!!!!!!" you could hear the speakers voice from here. There were holding the event on the main plaza and it was just a few blocks away. You could also hear the peoples cheer and shouts.

You were about to close your window to lessen the noise so that you could have some peace and quiet, when your phone suddenly vibrated from the bedside table which made you jump in surprise.

You checked the caller ID and you blushed seeing the name.

It was your boyfriend, Alfred calling.

You and Alfred have been dating for a month now and you still weren't used to the closeness. He was your second first serious boyfriend and you don't know much about relationship and stuff. You haven't even kissed him and your best friend Bella tried to forced you once but your shyness took over you. You were always so nervous and scared because when you're with him, it feels really awkward and you think that Alfred might get bored but, he assured you that he liked your silence. And he finds your shyness really attractive and especially very cute.

You cleared your throat and nervously pressed answer, bringing your phone to your ear.

"H-Hello?" the only voice you could muster was like a whisper, you hoped that he would hear your voice or not, you have to shout. (Your average voice sounds like a whisper and your average shouts is that of when an average person talks.)

"Hey Babe! Happy New Year!" he exclaimed. His loud voice might have lost your hearing if you didn't pull your phone away in time.

"Same to you too, Alfred."

You heard him chuckled in the other end. How much you miss that laugh, and his smile, and his warmth, and…

You blush dark crimson and felt your face steaming. You shook your head vigorously to shake away the thought.

To normal people, it was okay to think about your boyfriend that way, but to you, well…it's a little 'different.'

"Hey, you still there babe?"

You were so lost in thought that you forgot that you've been quiet for a minute or two.

"Um y-yeah…"

"Hehehe, are you inside your house again? 'Cause I don't hear any noise." He ask,

"Yes, I'm scared to go outside." You said going to your balcony and looking down at the people who were drinking non-stop.

"In that case, I'll keep you company."

You blinked and held a confuse face on.

Alfred must have pictured your look and said, "Come back to you room."

"O-Okay." You jogged back to your room, you entered the door but it was blocked and your face got hit. But you didn't felt pain. It felt soft and it had this familiar scent.

"Hey Babe!" a voice exclaimed and the next thing you knew, you were hugged by Alfred.

You were frozen stiff and tried to process on what's happening once you did, you let out a sigh which made Alfred pull away, holding you at arm's length.

"What's wrong? Aren't you glad that I'm here?" he ask with concern in his baby blue eyes.

You jerked in surprise. He must have thought that your sigh was a sign that you were annoyed by him.

"N-N-N-No. Not at all. I-I'm really happy that your hear Alfred, It's just that I-"

You were cut off by a pair of soft lips press against yours. Your (e/c) eyes widen and felt like it was gonna pop out.

An arm was snaked around your waist and a hand was caressing your cheeks that were now covered with dark red blush. You felt your heart beating at a fast rate like it was about to burst out from your chest in any second, you knees were shaking like a leaf and you couldn't hold your weight but Alfred wrapped his arm tighter around your torso to keep you from collapsing, you hand were shaking as well and you lost control of it and it landed on Alfred's chest where you felt his heart beat beating fast like yours did.

For what seem like eternity, Alfred pulled away with red dusting his cheeks and he only realized your flustered face.

Your eyes held shock, your lips were a little open and you could clearly see the red surrounding your face.

"__-_______, y-you look cute but, are you okay? Your burning up babe." He said resting his forehead on yours.

"That was my first kiss." You whispered, you fingertips touching the lips Alfred just kissed a while ago.

"R-Really?! I'm so sor-"

He didn't get to finish his sentence because you suddenly hugged him burying your face into his chest and your arms around his neck.

"I wanted you to be my first." You muffled against his chest.

He chuckled and kissed your forehead.

"And I want you to be my last as well."

Alfred almost forgot that he was gonna kiss you at midnight and the reporter from the television reminded him saying that, "In the strike of midnight, couples must kiss to show their love to one another." He heard this and immediately went to your place. It wasn't midnight but he managed to kiss you. He was afraid that you might not like him for doing this; he shook off the negative thought and gathered all the courage he could muster and kissed you. He was surprise that you didn't pull away or squirmed. He took this as a sign that, you really loved him or you were just shock or too shy to kiss back.

Eventually, you kissed him back shyly, but it was enough for him. He loved you the way you are. The shy girl he fell in love with. He said the reason why he asked you to be his girlfriend was because you were 'different' from other girls. He often sees you alone all the time but it didn't bother you being all by yourself like most girls who would seek attention just to keep them from being alone. You were always so kind.

Every time he passed by the park, he would always see you there playing with a kid who was crying because he didn't have anyone to play with or feeding a stray pet and finding it a home. And the most alluring thing about you was your sweet smile that lights up the mood of every person. You always had a smile on your face and every time you smile, his heart beat would increase. That day, he fell deeply in love with you.

He confessed his feelings to you and you returned them. You weren't expecting a good person would come along and understand who you are, but here he is right in front of you.

Best. New Year. Ever.
Sorry for the wrong grammar ^^;

was inspired by my boyfriend who called last night that,
"Hey Babe! The reported said that couples should kiss on the stroke of midnight. So, what do you think? Can i kiss you?"

I blushed and played with the hem of my shirt.
'How can he kiss me when his miles away?' i thought.
"I-I guess so." i stuttered.
"Hahaha! Okay then, if your sure then, i'll kiss you as soon as we see each other."

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