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July 28, 2012
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"Kiba-kun…" a sleeping _____ came creeping into Kiba's room.

Kiba groaned and rub the sleep off his eyes then went to _____.

He kneeled in front of her and patted his (h/c) hair.

"What is it _____?" he ask sleepily.

"I-I had a bad dream." she said shakily.

Kiba smiled and scooped her in his arms.

"How 'bout we go for a little stroll around town?" he asked.

_____ nodded.

Then Kiba gestured his nin-dog, Akamaru, to follow him.


Kiba ended up in the training field.

"K-Kiba-kun, what are we doing here?" _____ ask.

"This is as far as we can go _____.....I'm really tired." He yawned.

He found a nearby tree and Akamaru laid under it and Kiba laid on Akamaru and he laid _____ beside him.

"Go to sleep _____. You have a big day tomorrow." He said sleepily and started closing his eyes.



"Will I ever see daddy again?"

_____'s dad was out on a mission and hasn't come back yet. Her dad usually comes every night to sleep with her but this time he hasn't.

"Don't worry _____. Your dad is a strong ninja. He'll come back. Just wait and see." He assured her.

_____ smiled and snuggled closer to Kiba.

"Kiba-kun, can I call you, nii-san?" she asked.

Kiba was silent for a moment then he chuckled.

"Sure." He exclaimed.

"G-Goodnight, n-nii-san…." _____ said and close her (e/c) orbs.

"Goodnight _____, you too, Akamaru." He said and Akamaru let out a low growl in response then fell fast asleep.


"Where is that brat?!" Tsume, Kiba's mom, was following his son's scent.

She thought that he may be in big trouble. She was so worried. Of course she was, what kind of mother wouldn't be worried about her child. And she was mad at Kiba for leaving in the middle of the night.

She ended up in the training field and spotted Akamaru, Kiba and you sleeping.
She smiled and patted his son's head.

"You'll be in big trouble when you wake up." She chuckled.


Let me know if there's any mistakes :D
Pwease commenet before you fave. :please:
Imma sleepy :sleep:
goodnight everybody :wave:

Pic here-->[link]
More here--->[link]

Comment if ya want more ;)
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